Sunday, January 19, 2014

Broncos And Seahawks Who?

Do you watch football? Because I just don't.  I watch the Super Bowl but I get so bored watching football on TV.  Live football is another story.  I love live football.  So this game that just happened, Seahawks vs. 49ers.  I was (apparently) rooting for the Seahawks.  Thats how much I care.  

I actually spent the first hour of the game deep frying things with a friend.  We deep fried all the veggies, then we did oreo's, twinkies, reese's, snickers, then it got weird and we deep fried a PB&J, and birthday cake.  I feel like a grease trap that needs cleaned out so I'm drowning myself in water. 

Anywhosels, I'm off to do more homework. I hope everyone had a great Sunday.