Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm Slow, But I Run

This is how I felt today.  I started my Couch-To-5K program.  Let me just tell you, I am out of shape.  Like, WAY out of shape. It's absurd.  However, I completed day 1 which is a big deal.  I've tried this program before and always gave up half-way through day 1 even.  I think I'm finally over being fat.  I didn't give up today and I finished it.  

What is Couch-To-5K? It's a 3 day a week for 9 weeks program.  It starts out on week 1 with 1 minute of jogging hen 1.5 minutes of walking for 30 minutes (or 20 depending on how you want to look at it. 5 minute warm up and cool down.) Then as the weeks progress it slowly increases the amount of running and decreases the amount of walking. 

Seems pretty easy. I know. But it sucked. I ran until I was nauseous and then I ran some more.  It was great fun. But I did it and thats what counts.  

That picture reminds me of this one.

Thats essentially how I felt.  Everything was screeching and I just wanted it to quit. I just wanted that stupid app to tell me it was time for my 5 minute cool down.  Then it did. And I won that workout.