Saturday, January 11, 2014

My 24th Birthday!!!

So today is my 24th birthday. I'm ready for bed.  My last few days have been pure crazy so I've slacked on the blogs.  Apparently my body refuses to be a night owl AND a morning person at the same time.  Eventually you crash.  And I did.  For a couple days.  So now I'm writing 6? 8? blogs tonight. I've lost track.  I have one more after this and I can sleep! 

My birthday has always been shared with my Dad because his birthday is the day before mine so we just do one birthday party for us.  Today we went to a buffet at the casino and then watched a show with the family.  It was pretty cool.  After I lost my $35 my Mom gave me her $9 she won off of $1 and I won $50.  (Mind you I've only even won 1 other time. My family is super unlucky.) So after I paid my mom back her money I came out $6 ahead for the night. I was pretty excited.  I hope you all had a great Saturday!

…I just read this back to myself and I apologize.  That was a whole lot of rambling about nothing.  But there's no takesy-backseys. Mostly because I don't have the energy to make this post better.  

Night world!