Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holy Social Media!

Let me just say, the amount of social media available is overwhelming! I apparently didn't do enough research on blogging before I started.  I don't regret it by any means but I'm learning SO MUCH everyday.  

Yesterday, I learned about Bloglovin. I still don't really understand it. It appears to be a great way to get traffic to your blog and an easier way to follow other peoples blogs.  Maybe I'm wrong.  

So I learned the importance of having social media…stuff….for your blog through numerous "How-to improve your blog" posts from various people.  A couple of my favorites are from We Call It Junkin - Six Things I've Learned In Six Months Of Blogging and Kristen Daukas from Blogher - Ten things That Make Your Blog A Hot Mess They help newbies such as myself make your blog better.  Which I need help with. I feel like Alice wandering through Wonderland.  There is so much to learn. 

While you have your own, personal social media stuff, you now have to have (recommended you have) all that same stuff for your blog.  Plus Bloglovin and whatever else is out there that I haven't found yet made specifically for bloggers.  Its crazy.  

So now I have double the social media.  Here are the ones that I have thus far. 


Are there any I forgot or that you think I should have? I'm still learning. I haven't even made a Twitter specifically for my blog yet. Oy. Some day.