Saturday, January 4, 2014

Eating Clean

I challenged my mom to clean eating for a week.  Minimum. We both struggle with losing weight and the like so I figured it can't hurt to try.  A lot of those "pretty people" you see walking around eat clean. 

There's a sort of saying: "If you want to be rich, do what rich people do. If you want to be skinny, do what skinny people do. If you want to be popular, do what popular people do." The list can continue.  

Now, I'm sure that 1 week won't do a whole lot for our weight loss but I'm curious to see. I think this week will be like a cleanse really.  Cutting out sugars, white breads, processed foods, etc.  We shall see. This is one of the most helpful things I found to understanding it.

And this is the most helpful thing I found to slowly learn how to eat clean.  Of course, we are just jumping into because, well, why not?

If you are interested in eating clean, I definitely suggest researching it.  I found these things on Sharee's Tumblr: I Wear Black When I workout. It's A Funeral For My Fat. She's pretty inspiring.