Wednesday, December 4, 2013

20 Facts About Me: Part 1/5

4 days in.  Lets get to know each other better.  Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I'm 23.
  2. I'm a bibliophile. Always have been, always will be.
  3. I'm walking a fine line between lover of animals and crazy cat lady and I couldn't be happier.  I love my furry little guys.
  4. Tulip giving Bella a bath.
  5. Jyra Sue "Susan"

    I have bungee jumped
  6. I'm left handed.
  7. I'm an only child with 4 cousins.
  8. I'm the shortest of all the cousins. I tell everyone I'm adopted.
  9. I work 3 jobs
  10. I love Pinterest and I get a lot of inspiration from there.
  11. I'm learning how to make a budget and stick to it through Dave Ramsey. He's pretty extraordinary.
  12. I love the Shaytards.  They make my heart happy but Shay has made my standards for a husband way too high.
  13. My newest obsession is indoor plants and so far, it's going well for me. (Please pardon my poor picture quality, I'm still learning.)
    My "jungle".  Christmas Cactus, Immense Begonia, Angel Wing Begonia,
    African Violet, Pineapple, 2 Spider Plants

    My Cyclamen under quarantine for bringing in mites.
  14. I've known how to crochet and embroidery since I was in elementary school.  My mom and grandma started me early. My friend Amanda has recently taught me how to knit.
  15. I love Starbucks.
  16. I love fishing and hunting with my dad.
  17. I have a love for animated movies.
  18. I can quote the movie Stepbrothers unusually well.
  19. My 2 favorite books are The book of Lost Things and The Fault in Our Stars. My Favorite book from when I was a kid is The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles. It's full of imagination.
  20. I have a tattoo that is the motto of the Whangdoodle in the previously mentioned book. "Pax, Amor, et Lepos in Iocanda".  It does not literally translate but it means, "Peace, Love and a Sense of Fun".
  21. I'm a generally unsocial person unless otherwise required.

Do any of you have any random, fun facts about yourself? These are mine that I could think of quickly.  20 is harder than it seems.