Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Did Christmas fulfill your expectations this year?

Christmas 2013 was a success!! Christmas Eve: I got to see my cousin that I see maybe twice a year.  We went to the Christmas Eve service at our Church which was amazing.  The theme was "Childlike" so there were the fun hanging ornaments and the presents already unwrapped under the tree, etc. It was really good.

Christmas was just as awesome as well.  It was my kittens first Christmas. Pretty sure she broke 10 glass ornaments…minimum…so she had a good time.  My moms side of the family came over and then me, my dad, my 2 cousins, and my uncle went and shot my Dad's new shotgun he got for Christmas.  It was a learning experience because none of us have ever shot at clay pigeons. It was really fun.

I hope you all had a great, fulfilling Christmas as well!