Thursday, December 5, 2013

Keeping Up With the Martha May Whovier's

I was watching the ever beloved How the Grinch Stole Christmas tonight. I always catch some new funny one liner every time I watch it.  This time I caught something about Martha May Whovier and Betty Lou Who not keeping up with her.  It was a whole thing about lights and a light machine and a chandelier comparison and refrigerator light bulbs "cause I don't know how I missed that one." Betty Lou Who is a mess with a robe on and rollers or candy or something in her hair while Martha May Whovier is effortlessly perfect.  Regardless of the antics or ridiculousness of it all, it made me realize how close this scene is to real life.

So many people try to keep with the the Martha May Whoviers in their own life: buying a brand new car they can't afford, buying designer purses or knock offs hoping nobody notices,  trying to look 20 years younger or tanner or thinner and looking embarrassing as a result, all because they are trying to keep up with someone whose lifestyle ALLOWS a brand new car or designer purses, or they are NATURALLY tan and thin and are NATURALLY pretty.  Those people are the ones that don't seem to put in any effort and are the people everyone is trying to keep up with.  

Those people are comfortable with themselves.  They aren't trying to be someone they aren't. I think something we need MORE of this upcoming year is people being themselves instead of trying to be each other.