Sunday, December 1, 2013

NaBloPoMo December 2013

I'm SO excited to be participating on my first ever NaBloPoMo!!!! What is NaBloPoMo you ask? I had that same question.  I'll answer it here shortly.

I've tried my hand at blogging a few times before and I've had 2 serious problems.

  1. I chose 1 area of interest.  I don't know or care enough about 1 particular subject to have a whole blog dedicated to it.
  2. I stopped writing and failed miserably. You can't stop writing and you can't fail if you want to have a successful blog. As it turns out, they don't write themselves. {Who knew!?}

This time I thought, "Ya know what? Screw that! I do so many different things in my life that I'm going to make one about whatever strikes my fancy that day."  Thus the birth of my precious, 3 day old, newborn blog, My Beautiful, Crazy Mess. Now since I have failed before, I decided to seek out help and inspiration from other bloggers and Blogher.  Blogher even has a whole page dedicated to helping out newbies such as myself.  Check that out here.  

While I was searching desperately for help, I came across NaBloPaMo EVERY WHERE! Once I gave in and clicked on one of the blogs, I found that it was a daily blog challenge. Unfortunately, everything I found was for November.  I frantically searched every where I could imagine to find the next one and low-and-behold, it's in December. I quickly signed up and am SUPER excited for this challenge for a couple reasons.
  1. You get added to a blogroll which I'm hoping will get my blog some traffic which it desperately needs since I have only 1 post.  (I told you. It's just a newborn.)
  2. I'm hoping it opens my mind up and forces me to think.  They give you prompts if you need which I no doubt will need more often than not.  
  3. I feel like I'm part of a community! There are many other people out there doing this and they encourage you to read other people's blog.  It's a pretty cool thing they have going here.
So I realize, I never told you what NaBloPoMo stood for.  Well it's National Blog Posting Month.  Duh. I know. That's how I felt once I found a blog that finally told me.  (As I was reading a few NaBloPoMo blogs I realized that a lot of people just assume everyone else knows what it is. For the record, they are horribly mistaken.) 

If anyone else out there is interested in taking a go at this you can sign up for the blogroll here and you can find the prompts here.

I think that along with this daily blog there may end up being a couple "Daily Doubles".  I have a couple blogs and some other things I had planned already worked up so Daily Doubles are a possibility. Especially on Fridays.

So, with all of this being said, here we go! I hope I, as well as everyone else out there, do well. Fingers crossed and GOOD LUCK!!