Monday, December 16, 2013

Half. Way. There.

I'M HALFWAY THROUGH NATIONAL BLOG POSTING MONTH!!!!!!!!! Sorry for yelling at you there but I'm so excited!!!! I've made it halfway! I can do this!!!

I read someone else's blog the other day and realized I may or may not be cheating my way through this thing. As I have ideas, I write them up and then schedule them. She didn't say you couldn't do this but she didn't say you could do this. She was basically saying that she was scheduling posts and that was cheating. …ok…maybe she did say it was cheating.  Is this actually against the rules? I didn't read anything about it.  I thought it was just having a post a day up. Maybe I misunderstood.  It takes me just as long to write them whether I do it that day or whenever the idea comes to me so I'm not sure why it would matter. Meh.

How is everyone else doing? Good? Bad? Have you given up? Missed some days? (I almost forgot the other day.)

We are almost done! Keep up the good work!