Sunday, December 15, 2013

20 More Facts About Me: Part 2/5

I decided to turn "20 Facts About Me" into "20 Facts About Me: Part 1/5" so that we learn 100 new random things about me by the end of December.  Maybe I'll even learn something along the way.  I also want to know fun, random facts about you guys.

  1. That Cyclamen from the first 20 facts about me, has died.  The weather went crazy here and it couldn't deal with the temperatures. RIP Cyclamen. I will never have another.
  2. I am going on a super exciting family vacation this summer: Reno -> Las Vegas -> The Hoover Dam -> The Grand Canyon (Mule rides of course) -> Napa Valley (Wine tour naturally) -> Home. IM SO EXCITED!!!!
  3. I have a freckle in my left eye.
  4. I have joined Oprah's Bookclub 2.0.  But not in the, participate in actual discussions, kind of way. More of the, read the books they are reading, kind of way.  I read books for fun.  Not to delve into their deeper meanings and whatnot. 
  5. I own over 150 books.
  6. While not a carrot top ginger, I am still a ginger nonetheless.
  7. I rarely set New Years Resolutions and when I do I never stick to them.  Mostly because I forget what they are.
  8. I have a terrible memory.
  9. I'm incredibly uncoordinated and ungraceful.
  10. I will hike Mt. Theilson one day.

  11. I wanted to be a Veterinarian from 7 years old until 18 years old. Never a princess or astronaut. Just a Veterinarian. Turns out I hate Science. 
  12. It took me 3 years to figure out what else there was to do in the world as a career.
  13. I'm becoming a teacher not because I particularly wanted to but because I've always been good at it without realizing it and I'm good with kids.  Those "AH HAH!" moments on their faces never get old.
  14. I was born the day after my Dad's birthday.  We are 30 years and 1 day apart.
  15. I've had a cat or 2 (usually 2) consistently in my life as a pet since my first birthday. 
  16. My family just bought their first flatscreen ever. (We're a little behind the times. I know.)
  17. I'm naturally a pessimist and always have been but I'm working to change that.
  18. Volleyball is my favorite sport.
  19. I was a competition cheerleader for 6 years.  Not high school. Ever. *gags* (No offense.)
  20. I hated most of high school.