Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cups? Mugs? Glasses?

What's the difference?! My mom will ask for a glass of milk or water and I go grab a mug or a cup and my mom corrects me every time --Ok. Not every time but its one of those teachable moments that I never learned-- I know there is a difference, I just never learned it.

Regardless of their "proper" names, I always see them with the same question (yes, see them with a question):  What did the glass start at?

Society says with a completely empty glass: "Can you fill my glass half full please?"  It clearly is not starting out completely full and they are asking to have half of it dumped out. That's illogical.  They are asking for it to be half full.

Society also says with a full glass: "I have drank half of my glass."  If they are starting with a completely full glass, then they are emptying it half way.  You do not fill something up by consuming it. They have half empty-ied their glass.

Simply put: If you want to know if the glass if half full or half empty, you need to know how the glass started.  This transfers into real life situations.

Half full: "I got a paper cut but earlier today I wrecked my car."  Your glass is half full.  It started out empty. A bad situation. Just think, it could be worse.  You got a paper cut, you're not in in the hospital.  Your day may seem like its getting worse but put into perspective, you're alive.  Its just a paper cut.

Half Empty: You woke up in great mood but then you got into a car wreck.  Your glass started out completely full, happy and promising.  Then, it emptied a little bit when you wrecked your car.  Its currently half empty. Put it back into perspective a little bit, at least you are alive, and it could be half full again.

I think life is what you make of it.  Situations depend on how you put them into perspective. You can make anything a bad situation if you want it to be or you can look for the positive.

Happiness is a choice. If you choose to see the good, it will be there.