Monday, December 9, 2013

Sad Children

If you could banish one thing from this earth -- tangible or intangible -- what would it be?
Sad children.  I would banish sad, abused, homeless, scared children.  Now, I wouldn't banish the children themselves.  I would banish their situations.  Hungry children get food, homeless children get happy homes and loving families, abused children get happy homes, etc.  I would banish the things that cause them pain. 
Maybe it's from working at an elementary school but I see so many children that are hungry all the time, they take showers in the locker room because they are homeless or they don't have any water at home to shower with, children who are angry because Child Protective Services showed up and tried to take them away from their parents because a teacher "thought" they needed to be taken away but had no proof, children who pretend to be happy so people don't ask questions.   
It's the saddest thing.  I would definitely banish sad children.  …and sad, abused, homeless pets.   I'm that person that feels bad for an animal before I feel bad for a human.  I know it seems backwards but I've been that way my entire life.  Animals are defenseless, as are children.  Neither can fully take care of themselves.  
Animals and kids.  Banish their hurt. Anytime now would be great.